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MasterLink ML9600 40GB HD Update
MasterLink ML9600 Removable Drive
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:: ML9600 Masterlink update to 40GB drive

ALESIS ML9600 Masterlink to 40GB


51Hours Recording Time

Why have a hard drive update?

Most users treat Masterlink as a storage device, because recording, basic editing, burning a reference CD and archiving are a breeze. More than a 24-bit/96kHz recorder and CD burner, Masterlink also offers onboard DSP processing.

Recent production units are shipped with 10gig and 20gig drives, the latter is the maximum drive size that Alesis currently supports. Both are a definite improvement over the early units that shipped with 3gig and 4gig drives — large enough to "play" with Masterlink," but not to use for large hi-res recording projects.

But, now you can upgrade your ML9600 Masterlink to a 40GB hard drive and get the most out of your Masterlink!

This is not an experiment, it’s approved by Alesis.

Our 40GB upgrade offer features a low flat rate and includes:

Work Performed

Update hard drive to 40GB
We install Tested HD Drives from Western Digital (Warranty for 3 years)

EPROM update to V1.27

Software O/S update to V2.15

SPDF/DIG output update.

We also perform a Manufacture QC test using an

We are a proud owner of AP station.

• Measures amplitude,

• signal-to-noise,

• distortion(THD+N),


• frequency,

• input impedance

• plus AC mains check.

• channel level, phase, amplitude ratio and crosstalk.

Test procedures are provided by ALESIS.

If your unit is in Warranty.

Warranty does not cover this update, but you have an advantage. After this update by our company your unit will still be in warranty because we are the exclusive warranty service center for Alesis LLC.

Here's the lay of the land:

40GB is over 10-times the space originally shipped with Masterlink and twice the supported drives.

Here's what you need to know:

If your masterlink has an EPROM version lower then v1.23 we highly recommend, to avoid losing data from your HD drive, you should contact us for the EPROM Update.

To help us process your unit as quickly as possible, please take a moment to print and complete a 'Shipping Form' or call us for a RA#.



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